Guess That City! (Part 1 The West)

This post is going to be a game, the game is going to be called (as you guessed), Guess That City! The game is simple, take a look at a skyline of major cities and guess the answer. This is more of a test to see how well acquainted you are with major American cities. At the end, there will be a challenge round to see whether or not you are in fact a cultured American. The challenge round will include skylines of non-American cities and you will guess to your best! (that was bad)

Purpose: To get you better acquainted with major cities other than you’re own so if you travel there, you won’t be the ‘Murican, but the cultured American.

Let’s Begin!

1.  Should be a no brainer.LA

2. Definition of a gleaming city.

3. Looks like tallest to smallest.

4. From an angle where big landmarks are hidden.

5. The tower in the center gives it away.

6. Doesn’t look like much in the day.

7. Just looks unreal.

8. Pollution does make the world pretty.

9. Mountains make it easy.

10. Nice skyline.

Challenge Round!

1. Could be one of two cities.

2. Most skyscrapers in the world.

3. Looks different from this angle.

4. Just on such a small land mass.

5. Can you guess this Skyline?

Alright, well you made it to the end, and now time for the answers. Along with the answers there will be a quick little “did you know” fact so you can share it if you visit these cities.

1. Los Angeles, Southern California

Los Angeles has got it all, by that I mean everything a tourist likes. LA has got popularity, movies and such, LA has mountains, the San Gabriel mountains are right behind it, and the Sierra Nevada isn’t to far either. LA has got the Santa Monica pier and the bone dry deserts are very close by as well. LA also has forests near and it has a downtown filled with things to do. LA has everything a tourist wants! LA was hit by many numerous earthquakes, but only a few have caused damage and haven’t exceeded 6.0 on the Richter scale.

2. Vancouver, Canada

Located in the province of British Columbia, Vancouver is the largest city in the province. With the stunning North Shore mountains behind it, it is probably the most visually attractive city up there. Home to the Vancouver Canucks, and the BC Lions, which is a CFL team. Canadians play actual football nationally.

3. Houston, Texas

A city that people image to have cows and cowboys, but it doesn’t. It’s got tall buildings and a fancy skyline. Home to the Houston Rockets and the Houston Texans, and command center for NASA.

4. San Francisco, Northern California

San Francisco and Oakland together form the Bay Area. The Golden Gate Bridge is an icon of the city along with its steep hills and inclines, SF also houses a great Redwoods forest across the bay. In 1906, a deadly earthquake struck SF with such ferocity that most of the city lay in ruins and this was the deadliest earthquake in American history.

5. Seattle, Washington

A large city in the Northwestern corridor of America, this city is home to 652,000 people. Also home to the Seattle Seahawks made their debut when they won the Super Bowl in 2013. Also, the large tower in the center of the city is known as the Space Needle and stands 605 feet tall.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

A city also known as sin city because of all the wrong that is committed in that place. It’s a gambling central and is just a big circus in the desert.

7. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City doesn’t have much on its skyline except the imposing, breathtaking face of the Rocky Mountains. The 2002 Winter Olympics were held there.

8. Phoenix, Arizona

A city painted orange in its beautiful sunsets and located in the desert, this city has heat like no one could imagine. Normal summer temperatures are in the hundreds.

9. Denver, Colorado

Denver is home to the Rockies as well, and every year, skiers head there along with Utah to ski those magnificent white mountains that really add to the city’s skyline.

10. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This city is home to the OKC Thunder and that’s all I know about that city.

Challenge Answers:

1. Tokyo, Japan

Don’t be fooled by the Red Eiffel Tower it isn’t Paris. This city is one of the most densely populated city in the world. With 6,030 people/ square km, this city has to build upwards to give people housing.

2. Hong Kong, Hong Kong

No, I didn’t accidentally type Hong Kong twice, HK is such a large city, it is basically a country unto itself, and with political conflict of its free democracy. The city has the most skyscrapers in one city in the world.

3. Sydney, Australia

The city is almost unrecognizable with the Opera House and arc bridge in the skyline. The Sydney Tower is what stands out in this skyline.

4. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is located on the small island of Taiwan, and is home to Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world. The tower has a complex system of keeping it standing, with a ball inside the tower that moves it from side to side to make it flexible.

5. Nissan Skyline GTR r34

This beautiful, awe inspiring, amazing car is one of the best in the world, except America. Because America can’t handle its raw 2.6 liter twin turbo L6 (straight 6) engine with 6-speed transmission gearbox, it is illegal to own or drive in America. This car is the Godzilla of Japanese engineering and Motorsport, it is an amazing piece of art.


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