Urban Warfare: The Police State

America’s police force has become an image of oppression recently as they have gone from the men and women protecting our streets to the ones who force and do what they please to us. The symbol of the badge went from representing honor to representing resentment and violence. How has this happened? The government has given too much power to the police and racism is alive in the department. Our military is one of the strongest in the world and our nation has a huge capabiliy of mass producing anything, military vehicles in particular. This is true especially during WWII when bread factories turned to bullet factories and America was pumping out more war machines than the world has seen. When America went into Afghanistan and Iraq, the nation created and deployed military vehicles in force. Then the war dragged on and more vehicles went out, and now our nation is withdrawing. Coming back with our troops are all the vehicles that went in with them, and with this large military surplus, our government didn’t know what to do. So instead of dismantling these costly machines, cities bought and received them for their own police forces. This was true with LAPD, when they were given an old APC to help fight crime. They used this APC as a battering ram and busted down doors of suspected houses and tore through walls (Keep in mind that this was during the 80s and LAPD was extremely racist), so when the APC came through, parents and children were put into great harm and this led to the LA riots along with the Rodney King case. Now small towns and cities we never heard of are getting APCs, LRADs, and military grade equipment. Now I know this can be used to fight ACTUAL criminals, but do we really need an APC in South Carolina to fendoff criminals armed with small munitions? Basically, when you give someone the power the badge carries, and the power a gun gives you, and multiply it with A TANK, then a man’s greed for superiority over others comes up and takes control of his mind.

Along with the crazy amount of power police have been given, racism is alive and well in the department. There are hundreds of examples where police have been racist to people on the streets. Especially in New York City where racism has become law! Yes, it is a law that has been recently past where NYPD is allowed use racial profiling. NYPD has justified this by claiming people of the black community tend to commit more crimes than people in the white communities. What racial profiling is when police use a person’s looks to make an arrest, like if they see a black man with a bulge in his pocket, that can be used to make a search. They can stop anyone they think is suspicious and frisk and search them. NYPD can stop anyone and they target people of a specific community like Muslims and black people. TSA is apart of this racial profiling group and they target Muslims as well. Back in the 80s-90s, the chief of police of LAPD went to the Southern states such as Alabama and Carolina, and he recruited ex military racist men to join LAPD so being racist and handy with a gun wouldn’t be a problem to them.

009Some may say, “Well we need to give our police forces better equipment than what they have,” yes, I believe that is true as in that we need to get rid of the old Crown Victorias and give our officers Charger Interceptors, not military grade APCs and LRADs. We do need our police force because real crime is not nonexistant, and every cop is not a racist, but we live an age where headlines such as White cop kills a black kid or Cop rapes a woman in a jail cell, should not exist, but they do. What kind of police force does this? What we need is a new force of men and women, trained and disciplined, to take the reins of ending(or at least fighting) street/organized crimes. A person may say that, “What should an officer do if there is a bald man covered in tattoos and draped in a swastika armed with a bat on the street, leave him be?” (If you’re wondering, I just described a Neo-Nazi skinhead, yes Neo-Nazis exist) The answer is no of course not, I believe the officer must question him at least, but not detain him unless there is a real reason. But, an officer should not and must not frisk and search a man because he is of a certain ethnicity, so I think police should use logic and proper judgement before stopping someone. For example, if a man is standing across a street and is looking at a liquor store on the other side, holding his chest, he may just need to cross to grab band aids or he may be wanting to rob them at gunpoint at the right moment. Situations like these entitle an officer to profile the suspect, but to be on guard. I am just chasing this problem that can’t really be solved and I’m going nowhere, but my point is, if a person of a certain ethnicity seems suspicious on the basis that he is of ___ ethnicity, then the officer has no right to stop and frisk him. (If you ever encounter the Neo-Nazi skinhead, by all means call the cops) The topic of racial profiling is on the edge of saving lives and destroying them, but I hope racial profiling will just be profiling.

America produced  1,000,000,000 9mm bullets, for use by police.

George Washington warned us about this.

Our police force is basically a standing army.

Check this out: C.O.P (Criminals of Permission) by J-Jon

(EXPLICIT) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGZHY3BYm0I






Rodney King, 1991, LAPD


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