The Good, The Bad, and The Alone

“It is better to be alone than in bad company, and better to be in good company than alone.”

-Prophet Muhammad (S)

People do stupid stuff, especially high-schoolers, bet if we all followed this simple saying, the world would be less stupid. The world is beautiful, and people do beautiful things too, but the terrible stuff that people do outweigh the good things that are done. This saying can be understood in three parts, understanding the bad, being alone, and the good.

The bad company describes those who do things which are ethically wrong. The bad can also consist of things which are ethically acceptable to do. Now doing bad is something like doing drugs, or mugging people on the street. Being with bad company describes your friends if they may be or not be bad. Bad company are people who purposefully put down others or doing wrong things which they think are acceptable. Being around these kind of people can make their bad rub off onto you and can influence you to do things like them. You may say, I have morals and won’t ever do bad, but everyday you are with them, it slowly chips away at your morals, just as soda erodes the teeth.

If your friends are bad and do wrong, what’s the next best thing? Being alone. When people think of being alone, they think of the one person in the back corner confided to himself, but even they have stories. Maybe they hung out with the wrong crew and realized the faults in there ways and haven’t opened up to new relations yet. At least what they are doing beats what they might have done before (This doesn’t mean every lonely person is like this, people are different). How is being alone better? Well , if you’re alone, you aren’t with people, your bad friends, that is the definition of being alone. So without them, you aren’t exposed to the bad things you could have been, and you aren’t being influenced by their wrong everyday, slowly. Even when you are alone, you are never truly alone, because you are with your thoughts and with your thoughts you can do much more good than with the wrong people.

There must be a better alternative to being alone, and there is, it is being with good company. Good company are people who benefit society with good actions which are both ethically and morally proper. These people are people who do honorable deeds and keep their beliefs firm to their hearts. Being around these people can influence you to do better things and be a better person. They can rub off their piety onto you, just how a smile can go a long way, it can travel. If you are with good people, you are more beneficial to society and more people will be interested and willing to talk with you. This can open up your mind to a great deal of things and can make you a better educated member of society.

To be even better is to become the sphere of good influence for your circle of friends. Become the one who does honorable deeds and makes people want to follow them. When you achieve the rank of being a good sphere of influence, you can possibly help the ones who are bad, and good can outweigh the bad, if you put effort into it.


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