99 cents store is a pretty cheap market. Everything there is rounded up to the nearest cent, like if the price was $0.99, then it would become $1.00, and so forth. Even if you are low on cash, the employees there will gladly spot you a couple cents of dollars. Because of this, I go to the store frequently to get some snacks or candy for parties or the theaters, and I have become accustomed to daily sights around the store. At this location, its a normal sight to see a couple beggars outside the storefront, and some random guy getting arrested behind the store, and people like me just go by this and never bat a second glance. One day it was raining, so there were more homeless people outside because the storefront keeps them out of the rain, and the employees don’t mind. I went to the bike rack where I had my ride, and I saw a homeless man sitting down by the rack, and another homeless guy was coming to sit next to him. Usually if I have any change, I give it to anyone who asks, but I had nothing and this guy wasn’t asking anyways. As I was getting on my bike, the guy that was coming near sat down right next to this guy, and the first thing that came out of his mouth was,”Are you hungry?” The man replied with a simple yes, and the other guy pulled out a couple sandwiches and a box, and they ate dinner right there. This entire encounter only took five seconds, but I became more aware of the things around me, and felt less selfish.

I often give whatever I can to anybody, but usually I never go out of my way to do good. If someone doesn’t ask, I sometimes ignore it. After witnessing this small encounter, it made a big impact on me, I felt the need to be less selfish. sometimes I have an extra dollar on me and I don’t give it to any of the beggars outside because I think that I can save this to get something else later, but instead, I’ve realized that I should give it to someone that needs it now. When I saw this happen, I just thought that this guy has barely anything entitled to his name, but what he did have (some food) he just gave that to someone who had even less than what he had. He didn’t think twice or say that he could use it for himself, he saw a hungry man and fed him. The man sitting didn’t ask for anything, the guy just came, sat down next to him, and fed him. Nothing was exchanged, just food for a hungry person. I think we can all learn from this that wasting food is an awful thing to do and we should not ever do it, because we need not look to Africa for examples of starvation, its happening outside our front doors. Unlike Africa, we have the power to do something about this, like going out of our way to spare a few dollars and help the needy, and become more selfless.


2 thoughts on “Selfless

  1. I think it’s mind-boggling that extreme consumerism can exist side-by-side with extreme poverty. We have so much to give, but instead we just want more. I’ve also blogged about the homeless, through the song “Aqualung” by Jethro Tull (a really great song by the way) and props to you for actually giving to the homeless when you can. It’s too bad that most people just walk by when someone in need asks for help.

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