Good Morning America

Lately, around the great nation of the United States, there have been numerous incidents where police have hurt and targeted many civilians which has led to many of their deaths. There was a time when the specific race of people would be targeted, now one specific race is not being targeted, it is the people as a whole. All people are being targeted by brutal police attacks, but one race of people is the easiest for police to target. Black communities around the nation have been traumatized by the pain and suffering that has been inflicted upon them by the men who have been sworn to protect us.

Recently in Baltimore, a young black man by the name of Freddie Gray was roaming the streets of his home neighborhood. He wasn’t doing anything illegal. He was just walking. But at the sight of a police car, officers say, he began to run, as if he had something illegal with him. This man probably thought the knife he was carrying with him was illegal, but it wasn’t. And why he started to run, we may never know. Because he’s dead.

Marlene Pinnock was chased down last year by a California Highway Patrol officer and was pinned down for arrest. But he didn’t arrest this 51-year-old great grandmother. He viciously and savagely beat her like a rabid Rottweiler. He punched her once. She held up her hands in fear and to protect herself. He punched through her blocking attempt, and he kept going, and going, and going. The CHP responded to the incident, saying that they must review the footage and determine whether the force was appropriate or not. The video is very graphic.

Two years ago, in the the international town of Nogales which is situated on the U.S.-Mexico border, a terrible crime was committed is unanswered for. Nogales, Arizona is split in two, one half being in Mexico, and the other in Arizona, with a giant steel beamed fence running through the two. A young 16-year-old boy named Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez was walking home on a fine evening on the Mexican side of Nogales. When the sky was broken by multiple loud bangs. Those load bangs came from a gun, pointed at Jose’s back. The gunman was no Mexican bandit, or a cartel’s henchman, it was a gunman across the border in the U.S. Jose was shot at least ten times in the back by an unidentified Border Patrol agent who stood on the U.S. side of the fence. Border Patrol say he was a threat to their security and he was throwing rocks at them, but witnesses say that he was merely heading home. Jose’s senseless death has not been solved.

In 2010, in Juarez, Mexico, and 15-year-old boy named Sergio looked onward into America. He looked at the great country on the other side of the fence. Then he died. A Border Patrol agent shot him directly in the face.

In 2011, a schizophrenic homeless man was beaten by three police officers in Fullerton, California. He was white. His name was Kelly Thomas. He died because he choked on his own blood. Two police officers have been found “not guilty.” The third one’s trial was not pursued.

Why is all this savagery necessary? I wrote a blog post about why I believe police officers do these senseless, barbaric crimes. I still believe that arming and giving power to one man without consequence is something that has ruined this nation. The post I wrote is call, Urban Warfare: The Police State and it is worth a read if you are tired of these acts of violence. The people of Ferguson have had enough, the people of Baltimore have had enough, when will we protest? When the police give us another martyr at our door? No. Now we must protest. For the Americans reading this, we are lucky to live in the United States. We have been given a voice, we can protest without fear of secret police, we can petition without fear of search and seizure. Use the Constitution that has been signed for our freedom. Exercise what freedoms the founding-fathers gave to us two hundred years ago. Do what you know is right as a citizen of this beautiful Earth. Bad can only be stomped out by good. So let the good prevail! Now is not the time to flip cars and loot your neighbor’s store. Now we must unite in the peaceful manner that will show the police how good in nature humans are. People can unite in times of trouble. The Bloods and the Crips of LA united in 1992, the gangs of Baltimore have just done so recently. We can raise our voices and the government will hear us, grant us justice, and enforce new laws under a new police force, who aren’t given all the power in the world. Think towards the future, and of the future generations of Americans to come. Don’t allow such a great nation to collapse on itself like the glorious Roman empire. Help it stand by building morals and justice for our children to live upon.

Do not allow your voice to quiver, do not allow yourself to go silent, do not allow the light to be enveloped by darkness. You cannot be silent during times of oppression, for if you are silent, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.


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