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The blogs that I love to read are the ones that present an issue, and then provide a great way to deal with that issue, and how it ties back into our own lives. When I write about an issue that relates to our own lives, I approach it straight up. What I really like in this blog is that the author finds a song that advocates the issue, and and then the author analyzes it to present the subject, then make it meaningful. The author presents the issue which is known as the cult of personality. The author analyzes the song to explain that a cult of personality can be used by anyone from leader of an activist group to a dictator. What I took from this post was that we as humans have the choice and free will to make our own decisions. We should as humans make the right decision. We should condemn those who blindly follow a leader whose only goal is his own greed, and we should be the one who stands up against them. Everyone has the ability to be a leader, but not many people can be a good leader. But I know for a fact, that every sane man or woman has the capability to make the right decision, of their own free will. So do the right thing, and check out this post.

Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed

Everybody is susceptible to following a charismatic leader. A few times every century, time and time again, a major issue of some sort — whether a revolution in Russia, a thirst for the end of British imperialism in India, civil rights movements, or the Cold War — will occur, heating up until conflict is just about ready to boil over. No matter what the situation, the story is always the same. Someone, whether a humanitarian or an opportunist, will take charge of the situation and direct the needs and desires of the people towards a cause. And because the people believe that this person can give them what they desire, whole nations will follow a charismatic leader to the ends of the earth, even if it turns out that their leader’s interests were never truly with the people. It is those that see a need and fulfill it (or at…

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