Photo Credit: Tejasthetigerpaw

In my English class, my teacher had us read All Quiet On The Western Front which was a book about a German soldier on the front in WWI. So to have the class learn something from the book, my teacher created the concept of BRAWL. In this, each group gets a category such as family or man versus society, and then must formulate a question or problem. After that, each group is given the other groups’ questions and must create a solution or answer to the problem. Once that is completed, one group will be chosen against another and will debate answers to one specific question.

My group and I found interesting questions and problems, along with answers and solutions that relate to us in everyday life. First what we did was locate a problem in the book; an obstacle to the main character. We looked for issues that Paul (the main character) faced in his life on and off the front lines of war. We looked for issues that soldiers face when they are on the front, and issues many people face during war at home. Once we locate an issue, we try and understand how it connects with day to day life for us. Since we have never faced a war like WWI, we used the war as an analogy to problems in life. For example, one issue in the book was when Paul’s best friend Albert had his leg amputated. In the novel, Albert kept yelling and going on about how he will shoot himself the first chance he gets because he felt useless. We found a problem there because how is Paul supposed to save his friend from himself? This related to our lives because many people feel useless if they can’t achieve what they want and threaten suicide. So we had the question of, “how do we coax someone out of suicide?” I related to this because one of my friends feels that he can’t graduate school and he threatened the same thing. I helped him out and he put those thoughts out of his mind. This is what the BRAWL is trying to teach us, it is trying to help deal with issues we may face in the world outside of school. The BRAWL is trying to connect a book about WWI to our daily lives 100 years later.

What I took out of the BRAWL was that we can find solutions to problems we face in life no matter what. My father said that there is a solution to every problem. It is up to us to find that solution and utilize it. The world around us is affected by everything, no matter how small and insignificant. That means that our world changes with every minute. Although we may not feel it’s effects, someone will feel it like a punch to the face. Every minute someone dies, and we may not know it, but that someone was loved by people and will be missed. I think that the BRAWL is teaching us to deal with inevitable obstacles and problems such as the latter issue. When it happens to us we will know it, and we will know how to deal with it as well.


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