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Blogging allows us to express ourselves openly. Photo: Protest for Palestine in LA

This school year is coming to an end, and I need to share how I felt about writing these blogs. At first when my teacher mentioned that we will be writing blogs, I thought, “What have I gotten into?” I always despised blogs and never wanted to do them, hence why my blog is named My Grade Depends On This. I figured that my blog will just be some school assignment which I won’t care about. However, after my first blog, my attitude was flipped.When I wrote my first blog post, I felt that with this blog, I could speak my mind freely without anyone going 2014-07-20 16.28.05againstĀ me. I could share my knowledge however I wanted to express it. In school, most teachers try and limit us to say what they want to hear, or express ourselves how they see fit for our grades. Not with my English teacher. We express ourselves however we wish, and based on how well we can write and achieve this freedom of expression, is how we earn our grade. I learned that through these blogs I could express how I felt and what I though on many matters today. Not only can I write about them, I can speak my mind freely and speak up when needed. I feel like this has taught me to become a better writer, and make my writing more meaningful to the reader. I learned how to use my writing to move readers to action or to get them to think a certain way. My favorite posts I have written on are posts that meant the most to me and the ones I wrote passionately about. I felt connected to my writings in many posts such as Things I Learned On My Journeys and Good Morning America, as in those posts I brought up some issues that I thought we all needed to remember and learn from. A post that I think is my best and should not be buried is Urban Warfare: The Police State, which is a post about today’s society and how we should use our voices. These blogs have helped me to better understand people and become open minded, and I hope for next year’s classes, it helps them the same.

What I would do differently next time is choose a better name for my blog. I wouldn’t have such a negative attitude to new ideas and teaching styles. I would be more open minded to suggestions and to differing opinions. For next year’s students, I hope that they do what I would have done. I hope that they don’t slack off on some assignments because this English class is a blessing compared to many other classes. I learned a lot on my own, from writing these posts to educate others, I turn educated myself. My teacher has done a great job of making me a better writer in the real world, although I do have something I want to share to my teacher. When we are given a blog topic, and told what our writing is to focus on, I feel limited and I can’t write about what I want. Although I can write whatever I wish, my writing must be within the parameters to earn a good grade. I have drafts that I haven’t published because they didn’t meet some requirements of the topic. I am suggesting that these restrictions be lifted and grading be based on the message the writer is trying to convey. When this year comes to a complete close, I do plan on continuing my blog, and publishing those posts which are still drafts. I enjoyed blogging, and I will enjoy it more when I can write even more freely than I already can.

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At first I thought blogging would be dark, but at the end, I learned a lot more than what I expected. Photo: Shahi Qila


One thought on “Expression

  1. We need to talk some day. Some students talked about how much they loved the freedom of not having topics, and others said they hated having topics. We need to figure out why some students have a different perspective than others. Good luck and best wishes. I learned more from you, than you from me.


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