Making Your Legacy


A mural at Washington Middle School in East Long Beach

We were given 30-days for a project where we must create something tangible that we can share on our resumes and our community. My partner and I were stuck on what to come up with. We were thinking about changing our school. In the front of the school, there is a small wall which says “Fountain Valley High School” and right under that it says, “Class of 1993.” That got us wondering if the class of 1998 paid for the building of that sign, and now they have made their mark on the school. Everyone who sees that will read class of 1998 and think that they built that. We wanted to to do something that will make us remembered at school. That’s when we came up with Make Your Mark: FVHS. Continue reading


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Blogging allows us to express ourselves openly. Photo: Protest for Palestine in LA

This school year is coming to an end, and I need to share how I felt about writing these blogs. At first when my teacher mentioned that we will be writing blogs, I thought, “What have I gotten into?” I always despised blogs and never wanted to do them, hence why my blog is named My Grade Depends On This. I figured that my blog will just be some school assignment which I won’t care about. However, after my first blog, my attitude was flipped. Continue reading



Photo Credit: Tejasthetigerpaw

In my English class, my teacher had us read All Quiet On The Western Front which was a book about a German soldier on the front in WWI. So to have the class learn something from the book, my teacher created the concept of BRAWL. In this, each group gets a category such as family or man versus society, and then must formulate a question or problem. After that, each group is given the other groups’ questions and must create a solution or answer to the problem. Once that is completed, one group will be chosen against another and will debate answers to one specific question. Continue reading

Cult of Personality – Living Colour

The blogs that I love to read are the ones that present an issue, and then provide a great way to deal with that issue, and how it ties back into our own lives. When I write about an issue that relates to our own lives, I approach it straight up. What I really like in this blog is that the author finds a song that advocates the issue, and and then the author analyzes it to present the subject, then make it meaningful. The author presents the issue which is known as the cult of personality. The author analyzes the song to explain that a cult of personality can be used by anyone from leader of an activist group to a dictator. What I took from this post was that we as humans have the choice and free will to make our own decisions. We should as humans make the right decision. We should condemn those who blindly follow a leader whose only goal is his own greed, and we should be the one who stands up against them. Everyone has the ability to be a leader, but not many people can be a good leader. But I know for a fact, that every sane man or woman has the capability to make the right decision, of their own free will. So do the right thing, and check out this post.

Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed

Everybody is susceptible to following a charismatic leader. A few times every century, time and time again, a major issue of some sort — whether a revolution in Russia, a thirst for the end of British imperialism in India, civil rights movements, or the Cold War — will occur, heating up until conflict is just about ready to boil over. No matter what the situation, the story is always the same. Someone, whether a humanitarian or an opportunist, will take charge of the situation and direct the needs and desires of the people towards a cause. And because the people believe that this person can give them what they desire, whole nations will follow a charismatic leader to the ends of the earth, even if it turns out that their leader’s interests were never truly with the people. It is those that see a need and fulfill it (or at…

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Good Morning America

Lately, around the great nation of the United States, there have been numerous incidents where police have hurt and targeted many civilians which has led to many of their deaths. There was a time when the specific race of people would be targeted, now one specific race is not being targeted, it is the people as a whole. All people are being targeted by brutal police attacks, but one race of people is the easiest for police to target. Black communities around the nation have been traumatized by the pain and suffering that has been inflicted upon them by the men who have been sworn to protect us. Continue reading

Man or Pig

George Orwell, a well-known British novelist who wrote great classics such as 1984 and Animal Farm. Both books are great, but Animal Farm stuck with me the most because it takes a great stab at society today with less than a page. “Twelve voices were shouting in anger, they were all alike.” His organization of this sentence makes it all more intriguing. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but it was already impossible to tell which was which.” Continue reading


99 cents store is a pretty cheap market. Everything there is rounded up to the nearest cent, like if the price was $0.99, then it would become $1.00, and so forth. Even if you are low on cash, the employees there will gladly spot you a couple cents of dollars. Because of this, I go to the store frequently to get some snacks or candy for parties or the theaters, and I have become accustomed to daily sights around the store. At this location, its a normal sight to see a couple beggars outside the storefront, and some random guy getting arrested behind the store, and people like me just go by this and never bat a second glance. Continue reading


In my previous post, I left off on the battle of Marathon and how the Greeks celebrated a victory when they stopped their Persian invaders. Persia took this blow seriously and were planning another major offensive. Their losses were few compared to their vast empire, but they first had to quell a rebellion in Egypt. The Persian Emperor Darius, vowed to take Greece but died before the end of the Egyptian rebellion. His son, Xerxes, became the new Persian emperor and finished off the rebels and began to amass a force to take all of Greece. In Asia, Xerxes conscripted an army of one million people which includes military men and support people such as cooks or slaves. This was said to be an exaggeration made by ancient writers to make battles seem more heroic, some writers put this number at 500,000 Persians. Meanwhile in Greece, the once powerful united city-states went back to petty feuds and fights, and the Persians saw the Greeks pride in their cities as an opportunity to divide them against each other then crush them. Continue reading


I have always been obsessed with ancient battles and I admire the strategies used in many battles. I always thought it was really cool how these men were able to plunge into forces of bloodthirsty men and be able to pull victory out of it. The battle of Marathon is one of the many Greek battles fought that have sparked a particular interest to me. Marathon is a large plain on the top of a hill overlooking a beach with marshes to both sides, and with a small river cutting through it: the Charadra. The perfect holding point for any defense. Continue reading

Sharks: The Underwater Kings


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Ever since I could think, I was always fascinated by old things, and things that have been old and are still here. By that I mean creatures that have been able to withstand the test of time and are still present in today’s world. Sharks are categorized into this group of long standing creatures, because they have been the ones that survive for millions of years. What really surprises me is that sharks have not been able to form complex intelligence systems, but have created different variants to the shark family. I don’t want to talk about evolution, I just want to explain hammerheads, and how their body works. Continue reading